Former Graduate Students and Research Assistants

Name Degree Department Role
Emily Anderson Ph.D. RMES Supervisor
Lauren Nerfa M.A. Forestry Committee Member
Alice Henry M.A. Forestry Committee Member
Kasmira Cockerill M.A. Forestry Committee Member
Ther Aung Ph.D. RMES Committee Member
Rene Reyes Ph.D. Forestry Committee Member
Michiko Namazu Ph.D. RMES Committee Member
Emily Anderson M.A. (2010) RMES Supervisor
Sameer Shah M.Sc. (2015) RMES Co-Supervisor
Kelly Sharp M.A. (2015) RMES Co-Supervisor
Matt Taccogna M.Sc. (2015) RMES Supervisor
Jacob Cosman Ph.D. Economics Research Assistant
Brianne Riehl B.Sc. (2014) Environmental Studies Honors Thesis Co-Supervisor
Guillaume Voegeli M.Sc. (2014) Environmental Science Visiting Student, University of Geneva (Jan-Apr 2013)
Ryan Davis M.A. (2014) RMES Committee Member
Elizabeth Daapah Koryoo M.A. (2014) RMES Committee Member
Reza Kowsari Ph.D. (2013) RMES Supervisor
Sara Elder M.A. (2010) RMES Co-Supervisor
Olivia Freeman M.Sc. (2012) RMES Supervisor
Claudia Ho Lem M.Sc. (2012) RMES Co-Supervisor