Former ERDE Lab member Dr. Devyani Singh representing B.C. Green Party

We are excited to announce that former ERDE Lab member Dr. Devyani Singh is running as the B.C. Green Party representative for the Vancouver-Point Grey riding in BC’s 42nd Provincial General Election. Devyani’s past work has centered around science for the public good, inspired by the magnitude and importance of global climate change. We wish Devyani the best of luck in her current and future endeavors.

Selected Publications:

Singh, D., Aung, T., & Zerriffi, H. (2018). Resource Collection Polygons: A spatial analysis of woodfuel collection patterns. Energy for Sustainable Development, 45, 150–158.

Singh, D., Pachauri, S., & Zerriffi, H. (2017). Environmental payoffs of LPG cooking in India. Environmental Research Letters, 12(11), 115003.