Monitoring and evaluation of adoption and use of LPG for cooking in rural Gujarat

Abstract: Millions of households in India rely on burning biomass to meet their basic cooking needs. This is hazardous to health as well as having other socio-economic and environmental costs. This project would establish a novel approach to disseminating cleaner cooking technologies and fuels. The Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is an organization representing two million self-employed women in India. It is working with the Global Liquid Petroleum Gas Partnership (GLPGP) to both set up a women-led distribution system for clean fuels at the same time as working with their members to educate them about the benefits of clean cooking. UBC researchers will provide independent monitoring and verification of a pilot project (4000 households) as a stepping-stone to a larger project that could potentially reach a few hundred thousand households.

UBC Collaborators: Sumeet Gulati (Land and Food Systems), Michael Brauer (School of Population and Public Health)

UBC Students: Abhishek Kar, RMES

External Collaborators/Partners: Elisa Puzzolo (Global LPG Partnership), Anurag Bathnagar (Self-Employed Women’s Association), Michelle Bashin (Public Health Institute), Kapil Goel (Public Health Institute), Mike Sage (U.S. Centers for Disease Control), Sumi Mehta (Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves)

Funding: Peter Wall Solutions Initiative (PWSI – UBC), additional funding pending