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Tackling the social and political impacts of fossil fuel industry decline

(@paisandy) Energy is indispensable to human existence. It has played and will play a crucial role in shaping our society. In the pre-industrial era, biomass was the dominant energy source. However, its share in the energy mix fell after James Watt invented the coal-driven steam engine in 1769. The first widespread use of this efficient […]

The New ERDELab Blog

Hi all.  After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to start up a research oriented blog on my group’s website again.  You can expect to see regular posts from myself as well as the graduate students in the research group (and sometimes co-authored posts) covering topics such as energy access, energy transitions, technology adoption, policy and […]

Has India’s Ujjwala Program enabled millions to shift to Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a primary cooking fuel?

Abhishek Kar, Devyani Singh, Hisham Zerriffi The global energy poverty problem associated with cooking with solid fuels such as firewood, crop residue, cattle dung, and coal is well recognized and at the core of Sustainable Development Goal 71. A key solution being promoted is to facilitate households switching to cleaner burning fuels such as Liquefied […]